Carmen Hays

Carmen Hays

Hi! It’s Wendy, let me tell you about my dear friend and business partner, Carmen Hays…

Carmen is the calmest, most genuine person I know. She cares deeply about clients like you, she’s completely transparent in how she works with them―it’s so important they understand what’s happening every step through their construction journey! A natural educator, Carmen also listens intently, explains things clearly and always says it like it is. That way, questions get answered, the right decisions get made and projects move forward as promised.

Meanwhile, mind you, her analytical mind is spearheading a million details including budgets, construction bids, scheduling, timelines. She’s an artist when it comes to organization and clarity―seeing the “forest” and the “trees.” Plus, Carmen translates all of this into real speak so clients feel included, confident and in control.

Carmen has 22+ years of experience in Engineering, Estimating and Construction Management, which means she’s a master at maintaining cost controls and is a leader in all phases of the construction field―as project manager, superintendent and chief sweeper. Moreover, her ability to visualize clients’ projects and create specific, on-target estimates is invaluable to every individual and organization.

And with her Team First commitment, you’ll frequently see Carmen onsite, alongside our team, ensuring you end up with the most satisfying return possible on your investment.

Topping it off? An avid crossfitter and USA powerlifter, Carmen brings all her strengths―of body, mind and character―to every client relationship.

Education, Licenses & Certifications

  • Associates Degree, Applied Science Civil Engineering and Construction Management – Iowa
  • A.B.E.T Accredited Program
  • Engineering Technician Certified
  • US Army Corp of Engineering – Construction Quality Certified