Wendy Kraemer

Wendy Kraemer

Hey, Carmen here. Let me tell you about my wonderful friend and business partner, Wendy Kraemer…

You know those people who seem a little quiet on the outside but scratch the serene surface and―Wow! That’s Wendy! A powerhouse of thoughtful goodwill and kickass can-do attitude.

Besides being a stickler for staying on budget, Wendy has this amazing ability to gather up clients’ excitement and dreams, fuse her own passion and expertise into their vision, and conjure up a brilliant, cogent plan that makes people feel understood and cared for. At last, because Wendy makes their project so clear, they can really see (and believe) how it will unfold. Such a boost to their peace of mind!

Clients also know they’re on solid ground with Wendy. They get comfortable right away. And love how she layers in style and innovative ideas that make their project exciting, more beautiful and more rewarding than they ever hoped or imagined.

Wendy has 22+ years of experience in Interior Design and Construction Management, which explains why she excels at completing projects on time, within budget and with few to no punch list items. From the conceptual phases of design and layout, and into the construction field as project manager, superintendent and chief sweeper, she’s an expert in scheduling and job oversight.

Moreover, Wendy shares primary responsibility with me (Carmen!) for ensuring all designs, submittals, materials, safety, coordination and procedures are held to the absolute strictest quality standards. Wendy’s moto is Team First, so you can bet you’ll see her at your project site, working alongside our team to create a fantastic, rewarding outcome for your investment.

Bottom line? Wendy’s thrilled she’s “living the dream” here on the Western Slope―hiking, camping, mountain biking and more with family and friends―and treasures helping clients like you to fulfill their dreams.

Education, Licenses & Certifications
• Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, Interior Design – Univerisity of Nebraska – Lincoln
• Allied ASID American Socient of Interior Designers
• Associate AIA – American Institute of Architects
• LEED for Home Certification
• Top 100 Mountain Designers 2008 & 2009
• OSHA 30 Hour Certification