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Where an obsession for excellence results in enduring satisfaction

Congrats! You’re moving ahead with your construction project. This is your dream―for your home or business―and you can’t wait to see it fulfilled.

Yet maybe you’re a touch nervous too. It’s only natural. Construction projects require seamless orchestration of people, materials and countless details. And there’s no way you’ve got the time, energy or money for anything less than a beautiful, first-class outcome for your investment.

You can breathe now…

With HK Design and Construction Services, you’re taken care of better than a newborn royal!

Straightforward, conscientious, considerate―you get it all, plus:

  • Meticulous. From big to miniscule, from design to movin’ in, every detail of your project is anticipated and envisioned. Honing in at this deep level minimizes change orders, produces extreme efficiency, and keeps your budget and timeline on the money.
  • Nimble. Just think…every day, every hour of your project is scheduled to the Nth degree. Meaning? Fresh, focused craftswomen and men complete each task when it’s time, on time. There’s no waiting around. No lost days. Only forward, enthusiastic momentum.
  • Innovative. What’s going to give you the greatest satisfaction year after year? Answering that question with cutting-edge, cost-efficient solutions and materials is hard-wired into our DNA. There’s no room for “same old same old” when your happiness is at stake.
  • Fair. With scrupulous effort and ethics, it’s not unusual for our projects to come in under budget. And when that happens? Any excess funds go back to you, with our best wishes.

Bottom line?

Teaming with us―Carmen and Wendy―keeps you confident, relaxed and empowered throughout your entire construction journey.

Craving all-out excellence? Call 970.309.1031 to get started!

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