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Your building project―done. And there you are, gazing around, beaming with excitement. Everywhere you look, it’s beautiful!

What’s more, you’re relaxed and confident because perfection was crafted into every detail. The journey to completion was swift, smooth and fun (who knew it could be that way?!). And now, finished on time and on budget, you’re livin’ the dream.

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You got it! Partner with us, Carmen and Wendy of HK Design & Construction Services, and you enjoy big enduring doses of happiness along with first class construction. After all, feeling fantastic about your investment and the outcome is what you deserve, right?

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Aspen Vision House

Green Builder Home – the Aspen Vision House
Location: Aspen, Colorado

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You’ve got a big dream for your life or business. And want someone who really appreciates that to bring it to life. You’re on! Our hard-wired creativity and long-term love affair with the Western Slope and beyond means you feel comfortable, understood and inspired from start to finish.


You’re excited about your project, it’s going to make such a difference! Why shouldn’t your partner be as thrilled as you? You’re in the right place. Whether you’ve got a 5-figure renovation or complex 8-figure project, we’ve done it all―with equal passion and commitment to absolute excellence.


Once your plans, budget and timeline are set, it’s critical they’re met. You’ve got too much at stake for anything less. That’s why tapping into our 40+ years of insightful, hands-on experience, cutting-edge methods and extreme efficiency is the right path for your enduring satisfaction!

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