About HK Design & Construction Services

So glad you’re here…

We’re Carmen and Wendy and let’s call it like it is―we’re two born-and-raised Midwestern women who own a kickass construction business in a male-dominated industry so of course we’re overachievers!


We’ve got you covered on every detail of your project. Details you can’t even begin to imagine.

And every step of the way, too. From unearthing the depths of your requirements and sharing the excitement of your vision, to ensuring a meticulous, on-time, on-budget build-out that results in enduring satisfaction long after you move in or start operating.

That’s why we formed our company in early 2016―so you can have the best of everything. Here on the Western Slope since 2003 and partnering since 1998, we’ve also got all the spot-on credentials you could desire (check us out).

What’s more, we’re both moms and infuse our mom superpowers into every moment and milestone of your project:

  • Appreciate you. You’ve got your unique goals and dreams; that’s fantastic! Now you’ve got the right champions to help bring them to life.
  • Listen to you. Go ahead, you can tell us everything; with our caring support, you make the best possible decisions for your best interests.
  • Tell you like it is. Whatever your question, whatever the situation, you get straight up answers so you stay confident and in control of your project.
  • Want the best for you. You’re gonna love how creative insight, a passion for research and an obsession for excellence translate into a superior result and lasting happiness.
  • Commit to you. Hey, we’re in this together, right? You know every day, every hour, through and through, we’ve got your back―so you can relax and focus on leading your busy life.

That’s just how perfectionist businesswomen moms roll.

So when the last tap of a nail quiets and the door opens to your gleaming new world, you can touch the reality of your dream…and thrive.