Residential - FAQs

How do I get started?

Simply give us a call! We’ll talk for a half-hour about your project, and whether you want to build new or remodel your home. Next, we’ll schedule time to go more in depth―about your home and/or floor plan, your desired quality of finishes, XYZ, so we can create an initial budget for your project.

Once we’re in agreement at this preliminary stage, together we’ll flesh out the exact details to bring your project to life. Then you receive a straightforward, transparent, fully itemized proposal so you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment and the timeframe for completion. Upon agreement, we sign a contract. After that, depending on your needs and where you are in the process―like land selection, permitting or demolition in preparation for remodeling―we’ll schedule…

Where do you build homes?

HK Design and Construction Services is based in Glenwood Springs, CO. We build and remodel homes here on the Western Slope, as well as on the Front Range, across Colorado and into Texas and Utah. In fact, we’re nationally certified by ICC (International Code Council) to build homes anywhere in the United States. And rest assured, no matter where your home is, we’re onsite managing your project and teaming with first class craftswomen and men so you get the outcome you deserve.

Besides building or remodeling my home, how else can you help me?

There are many steps to building new or remodeling your home, that’s why we’re happy to help you navigate through all the decisions and milestones. Besides onsite management of your entire project from start to finish, rely on us for help with:

  • Selecting land with sound value to align with your new home investment.
  • Completing your permitting process.
  • Notifying neighbors when appropriate.
  • Choosing a well-paired architect who keeps your best interests at heart.
  • Overseeing all interior design and helping you select finishes.
  • Plainly laying out and explaining the time and cost impact of any plan modification requests.

I want to remodel my home, what will it be like working with you?

We get it―living in your home while remodeling is a big inconvenience. However, working with us, you can look forward to having courteous, focused craftswomen and men who appreciate your situation, and who do all they can to make the process relaxed and pain free. We get in and out as soon as possible so you get back your life and enjoy the reward of your beautiful new space!

I’m curious about green building; is this something you do?

Absolutely. From choosing Energy Star appliances to “green” insulation, siding, insulation and more, to a full-on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified home, we’ll help you make wise selections that work with your budget and meet your environmental concerns.

What happens as we wind up my project?

Know this―at every step, at every milestone, you’ll know where you stand with your project. Because we keep you in the loop, there won’t be any surprises. Whatever comes up, you know about it and we work it through to completion. Moreover, as the completion date gets near, we review all final details with you, so you can be 100% sure they’ll be attended to. And hey, if you’re scrambling to find a great mover or X or Y, we’ll lend a hand there too. We want to make this process as easy and worry-free as possible for you.